About Us

We provide onsite consultation, strategic apparel design & attentive program maintenance.

Our Approach

We go to great lengths to tailor the perfect apparel program for each of our clients. Afterwards, we handle all of the logistics that go into maintaining it. Order fulfillment, customer service, online​ apparel web stores, account management and trainings are just a few of the services we offer post-creation.

Core Tenets

AVIDERE provides clients with distinguished apparel programs, strategic design and attentive program maintenance.


In our approach, AVIDERE is seasoned, knowledgeable and sophisticated. This translates into our designs, meaning your employees will look and feel sharp and distinguished in their work attire.


AVIDERE goes to great lengths to thoroughly research our clients. This allows us to create a completely custom apparel program that will not only fit your organization’s brand, but help define it.


AVIDERE strives to be helpful, optimistic, relatable, approachable and friendly. Between our customer service, online-stores and on-site trainings, AVIDERE is always looking for ways to show we care.

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