Modern uniform trends you need to know about

What’s Trending?

When we hear the word ‘uniform’ our minds often go straight to blue or white business shirts or a classic polo with a logo. But as times have changed as too have uniforms, and successful companies who are all about their brand and market strategy wisely spend time ensuring they keep uniforms fresh, forward and fit.

So much more than a branded shirt or polo, a uniform is a real opportunity to create excitement around your company’s purpose and culture. So, if you’re looking to revamp or refresh your team uniform it’s important to consider these design trends:

Approachable & Relatable

Gone are the days of corporate structure where most companies looked like a sea of suits and formal wear was what you wore to work.  Companies are about embracing the cool and comfortable and a lot of major brands have implemented a Smart Casual uniform in the workplace. It is more about understanding your customers and culture and ensuring the uniform communicates this tone. If your customers don’t wear a tie then is it necessary for your team to?

Fashion Forward

In a fast pace market, companies no longer expect their uniform range to last 5+years and are all about implementing stylish and fashion forward uniforms. You might consider a uniform refresh every 12 month’s where pieces or designs that are not moving or are seasonal are phased out and new pieces phased in. This keeps the team interested in what they’re wearing and the uniform fresh. Look at a total uniform overhaul every 3 years to ensure your team and brand stays on trend.

Statement Piece

When shouting out to the world who your company is and what you stand for
There’s no better way than to have a statement piece in your uniform. When rebranding you may introduce a statement tee, polo or accessory that strongly represents the new look in a fun and flamboyant way. This statement piece is often used for the launch month, or as a fun casual Friday piece for the first 12 months of the uniform launch. It sends a statement to both the market and your team about the change you have made and sets the tone around brand expectations.

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