How to choose the right Pantone color in 2019

When it comes to color, there’s no one more authoritative in the game than Pantone—when Pantone says a color trend is on the rise, the design world listens. And according to The Pantone Institute’s Vice President Laurie Pressman, the colors to look for this year are bright, bright, bright.

This year’s palette of Pantone’s most popular, on-trend colors is comprised of bright, rainbow hues—Lime Green, Hawaiian Ocean, Flame Orange, Fuschia Purple, Cherry Tomato, Blazing Yellow, and Dazzling Blue—inspired by the intense colors of the social media landscape.

All the colors this year definitely make a statement. But how can you incorporate the colors of Pantone’s palette to make the right statement for your specific design and industry? Let’s take a look at the color psychology behind Pantone’s 2019 color palette, how they translate to the design world, and how to make this year’s trendiest colors work for you and your designs:

Why bolds—and why now?

So, before we dive into each of the individual colors in Pantone’s 2019 palette—and how to choose the right one for your creative—let’s talk about why these colors are so hot right now.

As social media has become more saturated, content creators have had to find a way to stand out—and one of the ways they’ve done is is through vivid images of exotic locals, brightly-hued product photos, and incorporating more intense colors into their imagery. And as social media has become a more vibrant, colorful place to be, deeply saturated, brightly hued colors—like the colors in this palette—have become more and more popular.

In other words, people on social media want a way to stand out—and they’ve found it through bright, vibrant color. And reflecting that trend, as designers look for ways to stand out in the upcoming year, we can expect them to turn to a bright, vibrant color as well.

Breaking down the psychology of each of the 2019 palette’s hottest hues (and how to use them)

Now that we have a bit of insight into why brights are so hot right now, let’s take a look at the colors that are trending the most —and how to choose the right colors to incorporate into your designs in 2019:

Find the perfect Pantone

Pantone’s 2019 color palette is all about bright, vibrant hues that make a lasting impact. And now that you know the psychology behind these colors—and how and when to use them—you have everything you need to make a lasting impact with your designs.

Still not sure which color will work best for your industry? Plug your brand traits into 99designs’ interactive Logo Color Generator and let the color gods choose for you!

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