Avidere is proud to work with transportation companies across the country

How can we improve your image?

AVIDERE is an image consulting firm providing image services for the past sixteen years to transportation institutions, corporations and individuals. Wether you represent an airline, train, or driving service, AVIDERE has the industry expertise to elevate your image. We help businesses transform their image, increase public perception and satisfaction, and create a customer centered experience through our renowned image products and services. 

How to know if your transportation image is outdated:

• Do employees project a ‘consistent,’ professional image throughout your organization?

• Based on appearance alone would you feel safe traveling with your service?

• Does your professional team look competent and organized?

• Can travelers easily discern between your transportation professionals?

• Can travelers tell your staff apart from other transportation services?

• Can customers discern between roles different team members serve?

• Do your traveler safety and satisfaction scores align with your goals?

• Does your uniform program reflect the image standards and values of your business?

If you answered “no” to any of the questions above then it’s time to update your image!

Ready to transform your Image?