Image consulting services thoughtfully designed to transform your brand.

We specialize in creating sustainable corporate image apparel programs that are cost-effective, appealing to your staff, and improve functionality of work attire while saving you time and money.

01. Consultation & Discovery

Creating the right image strategy for your organization is essential to compete in today’s market. Knowing your image strengths and weaknesses provides you valuable insight into the changes required to enhance your company image. Increase safety, improve your customer’s experience and effectively communicate your values to your community with an image strategy.

02. Program Design & Branding

Creating a consistent, professional image throughout your organization requires a collective approach that addresses the image apparel needs of your team, complements your interior decor,​is both flattering and functional for your staff, ​delights your customers, and uniquely brands your institution. Our consultants collaborate with you to recommend styles that satisfy your employees’ job function needs and meet your implementation timeline, budget, and branding goals. Whether​your budget affords a custom apparel design, ready-to-wear uniforms or something in between, our fashion consultants can help you.

03. Order & Fulfillment

In addition to designing an apparel program, we also build an online store for your employees’ convenience where they can shop any hour of the day with the spending budgets you set by position. Apparel is shipped to their doorstep, and our team handles all order and fulfillment logistics as well as inventory management. We oversee the entire program design and implementation process for you, allowing you to focus your resources on other important business objectives. Our project management, industry knowledge, logistical services, strategic partnerships and employee engagement services ensure success.

04. Image Policies & Training

In today’s market successful businesses understand the importance of image policies and employee image education. To maximize the return on your uniform program investment and ensure dress code compliance throughout your organization, we offer image training seminars, videos, and dress code policy templates featuring industry best practices.